2014 Acura MDX Transmission Fluid Change

It is surprisingly EASY to change the 2014 Acura MDX’s transmission fluid. It is a 20-minute job and you can do it at home without a jack stand. Here is what you need before the DIY project:

  1. You should get the Honda Transmission Fluid DW-1 (P/N 08200-9008) from your local dealership. It costs $114.72 + tax for 12 quarts.
  2. You should get 18mm crush washer.
  3. A funnel with a long tube.
  4. 3/8-in rachet set

Here is how you can do it:

  1. Park your car in your garage or a flat area. Securely park the car so that it wouldn’t move.
  2. Use a paper plate or an old envelop to be placed right under the transmission fluid drain bolt.
  3. Use the 3/8-in rachet extension and open the transmission fluid drain bolt.
  4. Let the fluid drain. After about a few minutes of draining, put the drain bolt back on the drain using a new 18mm washer.
  5. Add about 4.3 quarts of new transmission fluid using the funnel through the transmission fluid dipstick tube. My car has an OEM transmission cooler installed. So it may have used a bit more fluid. I suggest you start to measure the fluid level when you have added 4 quarts.
  6. Clean up and you are done!