My Tesla Model Y Experience

My experience with my first Tesla purchase has been less than desired.


2021-11-23 12:03 PM (Wednesday): Tesla is supposed to deliver a new Model Y to my home between 12 pm and 2 pm. Got a voice mail from Tesla, saying there was a chip on the windshield and needed ‘replacing’. Since the fix needed time to settle, the new delivery is now scheduled to 2021-11-27 (Saturday).

2021-11-26 2 PM: Got a call from Tesla, saying that their service technician found some warning lights and will need to reschedule again. The exact time is unknown, pending their diagnose.

2021-12-01 2 PM: A very nice Tesla delivery specialist drove the brand new 2022 Tesla Model Y to my home and made the delivery. What a pleasant way to buy a new car!

2021-12-02 2:30 PM: I charged the Tesla overnight. The max charging is set to be 90% of capacity. The car is fully charged to 90%. I decided to take it out for a test drive. Surprise, Surprise! As soon as I got on the highway driving at 60 miles an hour, the Tesla suddenly reported an alert that “Rear Motor was temporarily disabled”. The car was suddenly limited to 37 miles an hour on the highway. I was almost rear-ended by the car behind me. I drove the car to the Tesla service center with a maximum speed of 37 miles an hour on the local road. The service rep was acting quite cool and professional. Within minutes, he decided that he will provide a loaner and give an ETA of 12/8 to address the car issue with my Model Y.